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History of the Bullring of Alicante

The bullfighting fans of Alicante have a lot of history, we know bullfights were organized since the fifteenth century in wooden bullrings placed in different parts of the city.

In 1847 the architect par excellence of Alicante, Emilio Jover Perrón (architect of the Main Theater) is in charge of the construction of the bullring. 40 years after its first inauguration, the building was very deteriorated, and a comprehensive reform was carried out by the architect José Guardiola Picó. On June 15, 1888 the bullring was inaugurated with the structure we know today and with the most important figures of the time: Guerrita (replacing Frascuelo), Lagartijo and Lagartija.

In 1928 the bullring began to celebrate a cycle of bullfighting in honor of San Juan, the place gained importance and was consolidated with the annual celebration of the Fair of the Bonfires of San Juan. The great masters of bullfighting in Spain and abroad have passed through the Alicante Bullring, many alternatives have been granted and we have also seen farewells (Luis Francisco Esplá in 2009). It has been considered one of the most important bullrings in Spain and it was one of the first bullrings to house a Bullfighting Museum, which can be visited during all the year.


Bullring of Alicante. Seating chart.

Plano Asientos Alicante


Three dimensional map faithful in proportions and details about Alicante bullring:


Plaza toros Alicante 3D



Plaza de toros de Alicante

Map of the Bullring of Alicante.

Segunda Andanada

Primera Andanada

Sillón de Rellano
Tendido Filas 17-20
Tendido Filas 13-16
Tendido Filas 9-12
Tendido Filas 5-8
Tendido Filas 1-4
Contrabarrera 1ª y 2ª Fila




Plaza de España 8. 03004 Alicante





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