Feria de Alicante 2022


Summer is coming and the coastal cities are presenting their corresponding fairs and returning to normal capacity. On May 11, the famous San Juan Fair was presented at the Alicante City Hall, although more than famous we should call it historic, since in one week we have the top figures of bullfighting and the master of bullfighting José Tomás.

The presentation was given by the mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala, and the management company Eventos Mare Nostrum, under the direction of Nacho Lloret.

Some very well completed posters in which the bullfighters pillars of the subscription are Morante de la Puebla and Jose Maria Manzanares with two afternoons each. We will also be able to see Alejandro Talavante in the year of his return to the ring, Roca Rey, the most successful bullfighter at the moment, Pablo Aguado and one of the best bullfighters of the season, Tomás Rufo, who opened the Puerta del Príncipe in Seville and the Puerta Grande in Madrid.

It will be a great week of bullfighting, but we can not forget the event of the most important bullfighter in the world, José Tomás, who will fight 4 bulls on August 7th in the Alicante bullring, and all this with the collaboration of the official ticket sales web SERVITORO, Where you can consult the national bullfighting program and if you want to get your ticket to live afternoos for history.

During the days of the Fair, you can combine good food, sun and beach with a good bullfight in the Alicante bullring, good atmosphere and nightlife. All together in one city to enjoy the authentic Spanish culture.

The bullfighting program of Las Hogueras of San Juan, will begin on Saturday June 19th until Sunday June 26th and with the extra incentive of Jose Tomas on August 7th. The official posters for Alicante 2022 are:


  •       19/06/22 – Andy Cartagena, Lea Vicens and Hermoso de Mendoza with Fermín Bohórquez bulls.


  • 22/06/22 – Ferrera, M. Angel Perera and Gines Marin with Fuente Ymbro bulls.


  • 23/06/22 – El Fandi, Jose Maria Manzanares and Roca Rey with bulls of Victoriano del Rio.


  • 24/06/22 – Morante de la Puebla, Jose Maria Manzanares and Pablo Aguado with bulls of Alvaro Nuñez.


  • 25/06/22 – Morante de la Puebla, Alejandro Talavante and Tomas Rufo with bulls of Juan Pedro Domecq.


  • 26/06/22 – Borja Ximelis, Santiago Esplá and Borja Escudero with Zacarías Moreno bulls.



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