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Servitoro. 10 years promoting the Alicante Bullfighting Fair.

Servitoro has become a reference portal in the bullfighting world, on our website you will find the best bullfighting shows, calendar with the schedule of fairs, bullrings, essential visits of each city, fashion shows, bullfighting information of last hand, news and everything you should know and what not about bullrings, bullfighters, bulls and cattle ranches. We are going to show you what a bullfight is, we want you to fall in love with our culture.

There are some things that money can’t buy and the love for bullfighting is a unique sensation. The emotion you feel in the bullring in an unpredictable spectacle can only be explained if you have been there.

Every bullfight is a memorable moment that you will retain in your memory forever.

To go to a bullfighting fair is, in short, to travel and soak up the culture of each city you visit. It is much more than an afternoon of bullfighting, it is enjoying the festive spirit that surrounds the city and immersing yourself in the cultural atmosphere, it is the smells, flavours and colours that you find as you pass through, the contact with the people who explain their customs, the wine before the bullfight and the Gin and tonic afterwards.

The Plaza de Toros welcomes us with open doors as if it were the first time we had been there. We are impressed by the nerves before the bullfight that never stop no matter how much you go, always in a hurry to arrive on time and not miss anything, the atmosphere, the parade, the music playing … and once the show starts your soul is transported … “up to heaven and down to hell” … in this of bullfighting there are no intermediate points, all kinds of feelings run through your body: passion, anger, fear, excitement, joy, triumph … How can we explain it to you? How can we explain it to you? How can anyone who has never been there understand it? Sometimes we feel like someone explaining colours to a blind man.

Come to the bullring and feel what it’s like, and then we talk about it…

In Servitoro we give you travel diaries, activities, customs of each city… valuable information that will make you enjoy your bullfighting experience twice as much.


torero Roca Rey toreando en Alicante
Bullfighter Roca Rey bullfighting in Alicante - Image: Simon Casas Productions

First time in bullfighting?

Whether it is the first time you visit a bullring or if you went, but you didn’t know much about it. In Servitoro we explain you step by step what is a bullfight. With the book TORO en 10 minutos you will have the basic knowledge necessary to understand how the bullfighting spectacle takes place, with very simple graphic images and in 2 languages.

For any other questions you may have we have our customer service from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 18:30 hours +34 96 330 85 93, in this phone we advise you on the best shows, prices, type of locality, fairs. You can also reach us on WhastApp +34 647 66 93 71 and by mail

Are you repeating the experience and are you a first class fan?

In Servitoro we don’t think you can get bored, we keep you up to date with all the bullfighting news, and we tell them first hand because Servitoro’s communication team reaches all the bullrings and fairs. Discover the bullfighting fairs through non-tourist eyes, with the experiences of bullfighting lovers.

In our customer service we will take note of your orders so that you will be the first to buy your ticket and ensure you the best seat.

Libro toro: What is a bullfight?

Servitoro and the Alicante Bullring

Since Servitoro began, there is one bullring above all others that has accompanied us every season, the Alicante bullring. We are immensely fond of the Mediterranean fans and its Feria de las Hogueras de San Juan, since we took our first steps selling tickets with it and to this day we still get nervous before seeing the posters published with the line-up of bullfighters that will make us enjoy their evenings in June.

The Alicante Fair is special whichever way you look at it, it is the one that kicks off the summer bullfighting season, the warm weather and the desire to see bullfighting and it also brings together the best bullfighters on the bullfighting ladder. This fair is known internationally and we hope that this year 2024 does not disappoint anyone and can continue to open borders for the maximum possible public.

Servitoro will be supporting what is sure to be a great Feria, so we advise you to reserve your tickets in advance so you don’t miss anything!


Make sure you get the best seat for the bullfighting fair of Las Hogueras de San Juan de Alicante 2024. Servitoro is the official ticket office for bullfighting shows.



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